Sunday, July 31, 2011

After six

A walk in a sunflower field with girasoli bigger than my head; an international gathering of friends for a wine tasting...rose', syrah, sangiovese, merlot, cabernet; a sunset drive across the valley with fresh breezes in my hair; an extravagant festival dinner celebrating the frog...yes, I ate them again this year; playing a game simply to donate to children only to win a leather jacket and a turquoise blouse; the freshest pistachio gelato; a short visit with my puppies...who are not so much anymore after a year; fifteen cinghiale, wild boar...mamme bambini babbi; rounding the corner of our driveway to see yet another two little ones; a midnight snack with our two toddler falcons...yes, another story I have yet to tell you. Where I live...anything seems possible...just look at what can occur after 6:00 in the evening on a random Venerdi, Friday. Too good to be true. As my sister so wisely said to me...time to get out the gratitude journal...and oh how grateful I am to soak up every minute, be able to write about it, and savor the memories in low times.

Unbelievably...Sunday morning as I am writing this, a friend arrives at the door with more than a handful of truffles, tartufi. I know I am having pasta for lunch.

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Anonymous said...

beautiful indeed, my friend.

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