Thursday, April 16, 2009

April 2009

Spending the days…
dreaming of warm weather no more…it arrives and with it the miracle of life.

leaving the house in the dust…Italian driver’s license safely in hand…driving aimlessly all over creation….including a visit to Gubbio.

watching bees, butterflies, and birds pollinate every thing in sight.

getting my hands dirty with paint, lovely women, flowers, and architecture follow.

discovering new color schemes.

listening to the devil beat his wife…rain and hail falling while the sun shines.

fishing in old streams next to medieval stone bridges.

taking care of myself with long, lazy walks led by little Ciccia Maria and stumbling upon new views.


O Senhor Keuter said...

laura so happy you started a the photos and descriptions just what i needed today:)
p.s. could your little dog be any cuter! katy
(by the way when i comment it shows up as my husband's account on google)

suzanne said...

love your blog, laura! your photos today are so lovely. look forward to following you on here. take care :)

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