Friday, December 21, 2012

Buone Feste

Just popping in to say Happy Holidays to all of you! 

I thank you so much for your continued support you give to me. 
2012 was a great year, and I am wishing for more in 2013. 

(I also had to add a little private note from Ciccia Maria and Gatto Matto Leo.)  

Hope your holidays are wonderful.  Auguri di Buone Feste dalla Toscana!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Summer took a while to show its face around here...but when it did, it came with a vengeance.  Days blurred together in the haze, but I can't complain.  A natural born 9 hour-a-night sleeper changed her patterns.  Sweet heat granted me the rare chance to rise early and gaze upon the beauty that is dawn, lazily nap in the fire of the afternoon and savor the stunning sunset dusk.  Just think what I might have missed...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Primavera days

There is just something about spring in Tuscany, it never fails to knock me off my feet every year.  Those lingering cool breezes and longer days.  If you ask me about my favorite sounds I would immediately reply the sing song of birds before dawn and that ever present flutter of poplar leaves.  If you ask me about my favorite smells...those brightly yellow broom ginestre, maggio in dialect, or the dangling fragrant blooms of the acacia.  If you ask me about my favorite view...I will most likely tell you the fields of vibrant poppies papaveri or those rock roses full of fuchsia goodness...of course, you already knew that didn't you?  Primavera, a time for me to explore and to get lost...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Yes, I know that it is May, Maggio and I am a little behind, but I just could not let time go by without giving you a glimpse into the month of March, Marzo.  It was a busy period here in Laura Fair poor little hands and wrists went into overdrive designing away on new projects.  In fact, I still have a hard time looking back without ghost pains appearing in my right hand.  However, you know the saying, with all work and no play one runs the risk of lackluster you know that I took some time to travel around.  My Marzo escapes were full of florals and frescoes, lakes and sunsets, and a little wildlife for good measure.  You are going to love what we have for you in the pipeline...and thanks to my never disappoint me is more inspired than ever.

Monday, February 13, 2012

La Neve

Happy 2012 a tutti! Days are flying by fast this year...are we already in February? As per this time every year, I have been glued to a chair in the studio...losing myself in some amazing projects. Speaking of that and not to go back in time, but did I ever show you the new Laura Fair "12 Days of Christmas" collection I launched with Evergreen at the winter shows? How fun it is going to be to set the table and trim the tree for Natale in December!

Oh....and did I tell you about the blizzard? Just look at the front yard! For the last two weeks, Italy has been hit hard by snow, blistering winds, Siberian kidding...actual storms from Siberia! My poor friend Lynn got caught in the middle of it with us. Can you imagine...snowed in a 1400's farm house with a broken wood burning stove, a shivering cold dachshund, a mad Tuscan shoveling snow, and of course, bottles of wine. Thank goodness for having heavy duty snow chains on the car, otherwise we would have never managed to get out and cope with our cabin fever. As I type this, snow is melting, wood burning stove is flaming away, sun is shining, and I am smiling with the memory of it all.
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