Sunday, July 31, 2011

After six

A walk in a sunflower field with girasoli bigger than my head; an international gathering of friends for a wine tasting...rose', syrah, sangiovese, merlot, cabernet; a sunset drive across the valley with fresh breezes in my hair; an extravagant festival dinner celebrating the frog...yes, I ate them again this year; playing a game simply to donate to children only to win a leather jacket and a turquoise blouse; the freshest pistachio gelato; a short visit with my puppies...who are not so much anymore after a year; fifteen cinghiale, wild boar...mamme bambini babbi; rounding the corner of our driveway to see yet another two little ones; a midnight snack with our two toddler falcons...yes, another story I have yet to tell you. Where I live...anything seems possible...just look at what can occur after 6:00 in the evening on a random Venerdi, Friday. Too good to be true. As my sister so wisely said to me...time to get out the gratitude journal...and oh how grateful I am to soak up every minute, be able to write about it, and savor the memories in low times.

Unbelievably...Sunday morning as I am writing this, a friend arrives at the door with more than a handful of truffles, tartufi. I know I am having pasta for lunch.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Market Time

My first official day at the Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market has come to an end. Oh what a day it was...packed to the gills with meetings, dreaming of new product, seeing old friends, catching up, and of course checking out the new Laura Fair product launches! These little message boards are from Lone Elm Studios and come in 3 styles complete with little silver birdie magnets...aren't they cute?

I also got some insider news that I cannot wait to share...Laura Fair Enamelware with Golden Rabbit is going to be selling on QVC! Yes, I cool is that? The Red Damask and Beach House Collections will be featured and when I have more info on airtimes...I will be sure to tell you. All in all a great day...what more can a girl ask from her first day in Atlanta?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

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